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Arcadaz Speakeasy Lounge and Bar

Grand Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta which is a brand new four-star hotel in Yogyakarta continues to innovate as the real proof and commitment in providing the best service for the comfort and satisfaction of the guests. This hotel that located at Jalan Laksda Adisucipto No. 82 has opened the Arcadaz Speakeasy Lounge and Bar on the 5th floor with the latest innovations and also the design of the room with a modern-stylish concept that will certainly make the guests feel more comfortable. Arcadaz radiates an unmatched classy image, the place will surely heighten the standards of a wonderful night out for lovers, families, friends, and colleagues.

Arcadaz is the finest lounge in Yogyakarta that exquisitely caters the upscales desire for relaxing and indulging moments with their loved ones. Arcadaz delivered the best food, best drinks, classiest music and authentic yet fresh 1920s New Orleans ambiance. The concept of music presented at Arcadaz is authentic but fresh like Jazz, Blues, Soul and R & B.

Arcadaz is a greeting from Turkish, a culture in the form of a greeting that is familiarly used by an individual to greet other individuals. Arcadaz is not just "Hi" or"Hello" but rather a place of togetherness and warmth to hang-out for youth executive.The Arcadaz brand has three main objectives. First, to introduce a new ceiling of indulgence in Yogyakarta, considering there are many hang-out places in Yogyakarta but none of them are equal to Arcadaz. Second, to establish the class of the place and become the talk of the town&rsquos upper class so Arcadaz can quickly become the best lounge in Yogyakarta. And third, to create a thorough and immersively classy environment that captures the vision of Arcadaz.

The use of interiors such as wood, classic-design, and tile locks represent how warm and traditional culture Arcadaz, of course with a touch of modern trinkets. This exclusive and comfortable place with a capacity for semi-standing enough for 60 guests makes Arcadaz Speakeasy Lounge and Bar became the best lounge in Yogyakarta and is a great choice for hang-out that accommodate the needs of the executive class to relax and enjoy moments more intimate like a maturity that makes the heart calm. Not only in terms of interior, but in terms of food also shows a combination of local wisdom and archipelago tradition of international food that is wrapped into an unforgettable and unique experience for guests of Arcadaz Speakeasy Lounge and Bar. Equipped with the tagline "Drink with Tune" which explains the two key elements that make the night at Arcadaz unforgettable because the delicious drinks and the good music will blend into an entirely charming atmosphere. Open daily from 05.00 PM until 00.00 with Wi-Fi internet access.