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Place of Interest

Kasongan Village

Kasongan Village, is a village which created for tourism area on ceramic activities. It located in Bantul, 20 minutes south Yogyakarta City. A big gate welcomes the visitors into village. Most of Kasongan villagers have choosen his job as craftsmanship, making ceramics and earthenware. Now, Kasongan is the center of ceramics production in Yogyakarta and Central Java.

For many years the elderly show their amazing creation of ceramics, changing society as farmer into craftsman. First making, they made household equipment and child toys, somehow in the 1971-1972, a Yogjakarta ceramics artist, Sapto Hoedojo, learnt how to make ceramics more commercial, as souvenir and jewellery. Now, most of craftsmanship created commercial concept of ceramics.

'Which ceramics is the most looking for?' Asks to the gallery keepers, and the answer must be Loro Blonyo. Loro Blonyo is a couple in Javanese clothes wedding that sitting side-by-side. It is believed on giving luck and harmonism in the household. People usually take it in main house, as family room or guest room, on the best view. Loro, based on Javanese word, means two and Blonyo means giving caresses.